An inspirationshop doesn't exist

Where do you get inspiration from?

You don't. That's the odd thing about inspiration. You can't get it anywhere.

Inspiration is on an equal footing with love. You can't force it. You can't say: if I (step 1) bake schnitzels and (step 2) massage my partner's shoulders then (end result) my partner will love me.

Yet I often get the question where I get my inspiration from. So I'll say it one more time (repeat after me): you can not get inspiration anywhere. It comes to you when it comes to you.

But there are three things that I cán do.

The first is to write morning pages.

To write a good song or to get a good idea, I train myself to write the biggest shit in the world. I do this through daily morning pages. As soon as I'm out of the shower, I step into my writing room with half-sealed eyes. In there is a large stock of the ugliest and cheapest notebooks. I write 3 pages what comes to mind. Without stopping the writing and without thinking about what I write. As a result, my inner critic doesn't get a chance. Sometimes I accidentally write a beautiful sentence that inspires me. I keep them separately. But the vast majority is shit. Brain drain.

The second is to define an empty shape and fill it.

I create conditions that I know are likely to make my creative brain part happy. I create 'empty time'. I call this safe time. Every day, I give myself 2 empty hours to write a lyric or to sit behind my piano and write or play freely. Sometimes the most beautiful sentences and musical ideas come out of my brain. But the latter is no guarantee. What ís guaranteed, is that if I don't protect this safe time, it gets eaten by all kinds of tasks I need to do (instead of tasks I want to do).

The third is to become aware of the emptiness between everything that I can perceive.

Excuse me? Yes, that needs some explanation. I try to become aware of the 'nothing' around everything that exists. I 'listen' to the silence between the sounds of whistling blackbirds. I 'look' at the negative space around our roof. By doing this, I create a kind of safety net that is ready to catch the inspiration when it comes along.

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