Music Projects

Making music together in a great music project is one of the most beautiful experiences that music has to offer. Tinksel prepares you for all sorts of music projects.

Participate in a music project

Do you want to enrich your life with music? Join a music project.
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Organize a music project

Are you such a person who wants to enrich other lives with music? Read below what I can do for you in the organizational process.


I can lead your music project as a conductor. View the projects page to get an idea of my musical abilities. I am used to working with singers, band musicians and small horn sections.

I like to give confidence as a conductor. I continuously focus on growth and development in a positive, encouraging atmosphere. I look at what goes well and how we can build on that. To do that, I work with the I like - I wish method. Musical quality is very important to me, so I feel responsible for motivated participants who want to take an extra step with pleasure.

Writing music (arranging)

I can write customized music parts for your choir, band, backings or small horn section. I always strive for arrangements that match your level, so you can make music with pleasure. I have been arranging for 20 years. Thoughtful musical details and well-developed sheet music characterize my arrangements.

Develop a strong concept

Do you want to organize a music project, but do not know exactly what or how? I help you to come up with a strong concept (= concept development). With my years of experience as a concept developer for all kinds of commercial companies, I guide your team through a smooth creative process. You get concrete information about exactly what you are going to do and what you need in terms of materials and resources to make your project a great success. You get a grip. Often in a few sessions.