Wht music & More digital?

Music & More Digital is a music method for groups 1 to 8 of primary education in the Netherlands. Developed for busy teachers with little confidence in their musical abilities. Why did I develop this method?

Auteur Jennemieke Snijders vertelt:

Music & More was born from a kind of frustration about the way in which we deal with music here in the Netherlands.

Music is always seen as something you have to have a special talent for, while I know better as a musician. Sure, a little talent comes in handy. But music is really about training your skills. To practice, make mistakes, exert yourself and persevere. And the willingness to listen to others, to make yourself vulnerable and to let go of your fear of the judgment of the other.

In my work I hear adults weekly saying: "I am not musical". While they actually mean: "I am afraid to look like a fool".

That fear of the other person's judgment is great. So here you see in primary education that teachers don't give any music lessons. Under the guise of "I am not musical". While it is actually under the guise of "I do not dare to be vulnerable myself".

With this they deprive children of their talent development.

It is long and widely known that good musicianship starts with good, inspiring examples. As a teacher you have an incredibly big influence on the trust that children have in their own talent. And thus on their talent development. If you do not give music lessons, you implicitly say: "only people with a special talent are allowed to make music".

All children really enjoy music, precisely because they are still wide open to the connection that music creates with their own feelings and with other people.

It is therefore very important that as a teacher you teach music. So children know: "here I am safe."

I wanted to contribute to this by developing Music & More Digital. The method hinders a chronic lack of time and is very accessible. In this way I hope to contribute that children can develop their creative and musical talents. That they are at ease with music and inherit the growth mindset of their teacher.