Music education

Being active with music is the best thing there is. My music methods help you to improve your skills, so that you get more out of your talent. Practice makes perfect.

Music & More Digital

Music & More Digital is a music method for groups 1 to 8 of primary education in the Netherlands. Developed for busy teachers with little confidence in their musical abilities.

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The Voice Gym

The Voice Gym is a short, simple training in book form, with which you get and keep your vocal chords in top condition in no time. For singers who think singing lessons are a bridge too far, but want to use their voice in a good way.

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Songwriting Wheel of Creation

A book for songwriters who want to make their creativity flow faster and write stronger songs. From inspiration to song with 15 powerful creation tools, coming from the world of concept development.

This book is in the making.

Songwriting Wheel of Creation Course

A 10-week course for songwriters, where you learn to work with the Songwriting Wheel of Creation. In the course, it's all about the creative process, about how you keep your creativity going. Because that's what gets you further. It is up to you how you apply the creation tools.

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