This way you create goose bumps

How do you sing with feeling?

Singing with your feeling is singing without thinking.

Singing with feeling is about trust. About being open, inside the moment.

You feel your feet. You hear the pianist play the starting notes of Make you feel my love. In the front row you see a boy with red spiky hair. You feel your own vocal chords vibrate.

But how do you do that, being inside the moment? Here comes the bad news ...

Singing with feeling is hard work.

Being able to be inside the moment when you're on stage, you have to dive into your rehearsal room in advance until your partner asks you if you are going to sleep in time tonight.

You have to rehearse on the line I know you haven't made your mind up yet until you can dream it instead of remembering it.

You have to refine your vocal technique until you can freely sing the high notes of I knew it from the moment that we met.

What is that rehearsing good for?

Because you do not want to think on stage.

On the stage, your own inner voice is your greatest enemy. Your thinking keeps you away from the moment. As long as your own head is wondering whether it is black and blue or blue and black, you know that you still have work to do.

Rehearse until you are sure that your inner voice is no longer whispering doubts inside your ear. Make sure you can rely on your subconscious.

Then take the next step. Know what you want to feel on stage.

Do you want to feel like that evening when the wind was blowing around your house and your partner quietly massaged your shoulders? Do you want to feel like at that class reunion, when that blond, now grown-up boy whispered in your ear that he always liked you?

Step into that moment as soon as you are on stage. Use that old feeling. And mix it with this new moment.

Open your ears to the music around you. Hear the piano. Notice how the bass guitar is used. Trust. Don't think. And then let yourself go.

Music is made with love.


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