how do you get creative?

You're really going to do this tonight. You're going to write your song (or your blog or your book).

It's 19.30. You ly on the couch. You rutn the TV on.
Just for a moment.
You will get started soon.

You look at your mobile at 22:00.
Too late to start something creative.
Apparently you really need this night's rest.
Tomorrow then.

Getting started with your own creativity can be damn difficult. We want to be productive, but this wish kicks against the shins of our creativity. Which just benefits from play. From being everything but productive.

Once you have grown up, it can seem complicated: play. We want our efforts to lead to results. To something with which we deserve approval. Recognition. From others and from ourselves. To keep our inner critic happy.

The risk of creating something that is similar to childish prussia means that we avoid creative play - often unconsciously.

Yet there is a way around this

There is a way to not want immediate results, but first to get inside the yes. Inside the useless, the playing consciousness, the flow. You do this by actively looking for something from the outside that makes your inner creative fire flare up.

The name of this way around this? Inspiration

Inspiration is THE kickstarter for our creativity, which flows out of you once it is started. As you light the gas with a match.

How do you find out what inspires you?

Inspiration is strongly related to what drives you and what is meaningful to you. What are you talking about? What do you fantasize about? What do you like to listen to? What do you like?

Allow yourself to find an activity on such an evening that stimulates your sense of meaning. And that activity can be very lazy. Just on your couch with your mobile in one hand and your remote in the other. Or search the internet. Listen to that song that always touches you. Look at that movie that makes you feel soft inside. Find those photos that touch something inside of you.

Search for what inspires you. And just wait and see which wonders roll into your head.

Forget about great deeds. Keep it small. Allow yourself to play.

Tonight I will see if I can inspire myself. That's it.

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