How do you get inspiration?

You have a night off

No appointments, no rehearsal, nothing at all. All the space you need to write your song.

You land on the couch. Soon, when the 8 o'clock news is finished, you'll go upstairs. For real. To your writing room with empty notebooks and your little blue pen. But not yet. No inspiration.

Without inspiration you won't get far with a song

Evenings, days, months and years will pass, waiting for the lightning to strike and you'll be overflowing with brilliant ideas. We all hope that a world record just pops out of our brain. Or rather: floats inside of it.

But unfortunately. This is not how inspiration works. Is there a way to evoke "the ghost," as Aladdin does by rubbing his oil lamp?

The problem lies in our expectation of inspiration

We want big. We want unique. We want a sea of ​​flames.

But inspiration starts small. Insignificant. Tiny spark that will not even get the gas stove on.

If you expect inspiration to be something big, then you'll want to make a lot of room for it. Evenings full of time, hours full of nothing. A place for grand.

You will then soon be overtaken by the reality of everyday life

You do not have hours of time. You first have to do the laundry, you are tired and your head is ruminating on that incident with that colleague. In short: you don't have time to write songs. It's true, because you really don't have that much time!

If, after all, you have three free hours left and you want to wait until inspiration strikes, then that large open space is extremely frightening. The chances are very small that inspiration will appear. Inspiration does not like large open waiting rooms. Because that is where the inner critic is. He is ready to smash those little moments of inspiration with a big fly swatter. He crushes them under his enormous expectation. "This is shit!" "That's terrible!" Bang!

Inspiration likes small holes and sudden relaxation. When nobody thinks about it.

Forget large open spaces full of time.

Expect small.

Especially at times when you don't expect it.

I call those little moments of inspiration butterflies

That brings me to my favorite creation tool: Cathing Butterflies. Soon you'll read all about it in the Songwriting Creation Wheel - from inspiration to song with 15 powerful tools. This book is written for songwriters who want to write strong songs without frustration. The Creation Wheel keeps your creative process up and running. It helps you to easily find your own inspiration. It bypasses blockages and barriers. As a result, you continue to write inspired songs. The creation tools come from the world of concept development.

This book is expected by the end of November 2019. Do you want to order it now for Christmas? Send me an e-mail. The book will cost around 20 euros.

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