About Jenne

I always try to wake people up for music because I see it gives them so much. Music is a kind of opening up to yourself and to life. It stops thinking, you get away from the issues of the day and land with both feet on the ground."

But precisely in these performance-oriented times, in which we continually strive for approval from the outside world, music is the first thing we drop. We drive each other crazy in our performance society. Success is the standard. We must be efficient.



Doing something that does not lead to a higher income or thumbs up of your Facebook friends, we consider lost time. We stop up every free minute with things that allow us to win the approval of others. Instead of making room for our own creativity.

You can hear this in today's music. There is a lot of impoverishment.

Looks and image are paramount in the music industry. The depth is missing. I hear a lot of superficial songs. Cleverly produced, but they tell little real stories.

You also see that impoverishment in learning to play a musical instrument. People think they have better things to do than investing in something that does not produce instant success or approval. Playing scales behind the piano is not considered useful. Knowing harmonics a waste of time. And if you still sing, then you should at least try to reach the final of The Voice. Because then at least it delivers something.

I'm seriously worried about that. Music shouldn't be about winning or losing.

Because the consequence of this is that we lose contact with ourselves and are no longer connected to our own creativity and expressiveness. Let alone with the people around you.

Not that I am such a sacred thing: I made all the mistakes.

I have been continuously driven off my own music track by my desire for approval and success. With my creative and musical talents, it has always been easy for me to please others: I have worked for years on a job in assignment. Partly because this way I earned guaranteed income. Partly because I was afraid not to fall in liking. Partly because I didn't dare to rely on my inner compass.

Those fears have controlled me for a long time. I have thereby passed by what I actually want to create in this life. It gave me a painful body and deluge of self-disapproving thoughts.

In 2018 I made the decision.

I stopped my successful business as a concept developer and said farewell to my customers. To make room for the uncertain existence of a songwriter and musician.

Some people told meI was crazy. Others gave confidence. I want to belong to that last kind of human species.

Now I try to inspire people through my own music: trust your feeling and sail on your own compass.

Make room for your creativity. Give yourself time to play, precisely because you are an adult. Make real contact with others.

Music helps you in some weird way. That is so incredibly great about it. It gives you the most beautiful things in life. But you have to open yourself up to it.

I was educated as a concept developer (Concept & Creation, Fontys University Eindhoven) and as an AMV/OMB-er at the Music University of Maastricht. People describe me as super-creative and very musical.

What other people say about me

"Completely herself. Modest, vulnerable and a power woman at the same time. "

"It's nice to build with Jenne. She has a lot of knowledge, is honest and knows what it's all about. "

"Jenne has a very unique sound. It's in her voice. And she tells beautiful stories."

"To me, Jenne is the queen of connection. She takes responsibility, does not let things run into soup. Does not hide anything. Can think up and create everything. She is sensitive in the sense that nothing escapes her."

"Jenne is clear about the strength and the core of your project and makes it concrete and accessible."

People I admire

I love the beauty and mysticism of his songs. For the way in which he manages to exploit the full potential of his musical talent, I make a deep bow.
Decor designer for, among others, U2, Beyonce, Muse. Makes incredible, magical work. Has the freedom to create without reserve. That you can let it flow like this: wow.
My own dad. Crashed in 1981 during am evening walk, I never got to know him. But after so many years, I still can feel the love he had to give when people tell about him. I hope I have just as much to give.
That a man of flesh and blood can become such a legend, purely on the basis of his creative abilities. Inspiring. I met him once during a concert. A young spirit in a worn jacket.