Songs With A Story is the songwriting brand of Tinksel. Songwriter Jenne Snijders writes songs about real people with stories that everyone in the world recognizes. For artists, record labels, music publishers and music lovers.

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Being active with music is the best thing there is. The music methods of Tinksel help you to improve your skills, so that you get more out of your talent. Practice makes perfect.

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Making music together in a great music project is one of the most beautiful experiences that music has to offer. Tinksel prepares you for all sorts of music projects.

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Jenne Snijders

Wants to wake people up for music
"What I love to do, is to use my creation and music talents to create connection and wonder. I always try to wake people up for music because I see it gives them so much."

"Music is a kind of opening up to yourself, it stops thinking, you get away from the issues of the day and land with both feet on the ground."